For Authors

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1. Manuscript Submission Procedures

When authors submit a manuscript, they need to go through the following steps.

  • 1. Check to receive membership or renew it.
  • 2.Manuscript submission: Email submission( or Online submission
  • 3.“Plagiarism” refers to the act of plagiarizing another person's ideas, research contents, research results, etc. without the approval or citation of the original author.
  • 4.Review decisions: Decision letters will be emailed to the author by the journal editor. If there is no response from the journal editor after 2 months have passed, please check with the editorial committee.
  • 5.Revision period for the accepted manuscript: About 2 weeks
  • 6.Editorial committee gathering: The editorial committee will contact the author by cell phone if the manuscript has not met all the requirements for publication; for example, it lacks references to citations in the body text. If the author cannot be reached by cell phone, publication of the manuscript may be delayed.
  • 7.Final editing of the manuscript.
  • 8.Manuscript publication and delivery: Please refer to the publication dates.
2. Confirmation of KAMALL Membership
  • 1. Member: Log into the KAMALL homepage -> Submit the manuscript online
  • 2. Non-member
    Join KAMALL as a member
    • - Remit the membership fee (20,000 won) + the annual membership fee (30,000 won) (total 50,000 won)
    • - Inform the secretary general of the remittance via email (
    • - Membership approved
    • - Log into the KAMALL homepage
    • - Submit the manuscript online
3. Guidelines for Manuscript Publication Fees

When the manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author is to remit the publication fee using the following guidelines;

Student member and part-time instructor: 200, 000 won
Full-time tenure-track professor: 250, 000 won
Manuscript with a research grant: 300, 000 won –> On the footnote of the first page of the manuscript, be sure to indicate that the manuscript has been awarded research funds.
4. Bank Account Number for Remittance

Bank account number for remitting the manuscript review and publication fees: Shinhan Bank 100-031-378020 (한국멀티미디어언어교육학회 in Korean)

5. To check membership approval and renewal

For inquiries about manuscript submissions and publications, issuing of publication notifications, and other inquiries, please contact editors (

6. Regulations for Journals Registered by the Korea Research Foundation

MALL, a registered journal with the Korea Research Foundation, conforms to the regulations put forth by the Korea Research Foundation.